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We have a long time experience in machining 3d wooden door, which is elegant in style and exclusive.

Feature of wooden Door

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teakOur experienced engineer pick up the best quality wood which is suitable for door manufacturing.

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seasoningWe emphasize more on seasoning of wood to control the quality of the wood for the future.

We have our seasoning chamber to cure wood.

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machine operation bd furniture solutionWe have high technology machine to manufacture wooden door. We also carve through machine.

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lacquer finishedWe provide natural lacquer finish on our wooden door to make it more elegent and precious.

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We provide lifetime quarantee on all wooden doors.

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There are few wooden doors, that are displayed at our e-store. please click the button to have a look at our door collection. To know more, please contact us, we will send you all the items.


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