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Studio Desk

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Studio Desk - your personal office desk

With its minimal design and discreet cable management, our Studio Desk makes a great compact workstation. It’s an ideal fit for home working or as an individual desk in your workplace. By bringing multiple desks together you can also make larger workbenches, perfect for seating teams or groups.

We’ve designed a sneaky route inside the leg to hide your messy power cables out of sight as they travel from the floor into the removable cable tray. They magically reappear beneath a flush-fitting cable cover in the desktop giving you quick and easy access to power.

Studio comes with a plain cable cover as standard, but there are other smart designs available that help you keep your desktop clear of clutter, like a stand for your smartphone and tablet or a storage tray for stationary - available on request.

Studio flat-packs in minutes for easy storage and transportation.

Length: 1400mm
Height: 720mm
Width: 700mm
Seats: 1 person




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